Published: 9 March, 2015

THIS MONDAY 7th SEPTEMBER!!! Yes, that means you should enrol now if you are a new student. There will be 12 sessions ending on 30th November with a half term break on 26th October.

I have been running these classes now for more than 20 years and always look forward to them hugely. I have some fantastic teachers who run the classes with me. They have included Gary Ryan, Forbes Henderson, Simon Davies, Joao Loureiro and this year Cassie Mathews.

We have an excellent learning space at the UCL in Central London with ample room for an Ensemble class of up to 12 players. The standard in that class has gone up and up, so now I suggest a minimum experience of at least Grade 7. If your reading is a bit slow this will certainly get you going. If your reading is good you will love the class.

The Performance Class has now a proven track record of helping calm down those jittery nerves. I encourage students to play every week, and to repeat the same pieces until they feel confident. This is a sure-fire way of getting over the shaking hands, or butterflies-in-the-stomach syndrome (or wherever they may secretely lurk in your own particular body).

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