Guitar Playing Has No Winners And Losers, Unlike General Elections
Published: 10 May, 2015

Just arrived back in London town. My advice is that learning to pluck would be excellent therapy for the trio of UK leaders who have resigned this week

The best thing about guitar playing is that it has nothing to do with politics. OK, you may wish to already disagree. After all, politics in a personal form together with self-advancement do come into all our lives, however ordinary (whatever ordinary is). But please note, I was not referring to career or professional life, I only mentioned guitar playing.

Let me rewind to what it is all about. You play the guitar. You make a beautiful sound from the moment you pick it up. You try to figure out how to improve. You set about achieving it. If you achieve even a modest advancement then that is sufficient cause for celebration. If you don’t, you still have the satisfaction of making beautiful sounds and working towards the optimistic goal you have set of self improvement. If you make a breakthrough you are totally delighted. So you see, there are no losers, only winners.

So we could suggest excellent therapy for the recently departed trio of leaders who have thrown in the towel this week after the general election. \Instead of sitting in the house feeling miserable and getting on their wives’ nerves they could take up a new hobby. My suggestion is a pursuit which is guaranteed to be a winner – playing the guitar. They will not be abruptly and humiliatingly ejected from any guitar class, nor will they have to prove anything to themselves or anyone else.

Some of you may once again sigh and say that I am impossibly optimistic. But surely you must be an optimist in learning to play a musical instrument given all its difficulties? Otherwise you would be in a semi permanent state of self doubt and depression about the undeniably small improvements we can accomplish in any one day. I hope you are not part of that brooding minority but instead sit down with joy and hope and a tingling sense of excitement every time you take out the instrument from its case. I know I do.

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