Carlos and the music of Armand Coeck
Published: 28 May, 2021

In 1997 Carlos met Armand Coeck for the first time when he gave the first performance of his Concerto for Guitar and Small Orchestra with Prima la Musica conducted by Dirk Vermeulen in Kortrijk, Belgium, for the Festival of Flanders. On that occasion the composer introduced Carlos to Constellations for solo guitar who gave it global recognition by playing it on his concert tours. 
Carlos has premiered and played various works by Armand Coeck. They include:
Concerto for Guitar and Small Orchestra (premiered by Carlos at the Festival of Flanders, 1997)
Constellations (premiered by Carlos in the UK, Spain, and Italy from 1998)
Suite Nocturna (dedicated to and premiered by Carlos in Valencia, Spain, 2019)
Mystical Movements (dedicated to and premiered by Carlos, 2017) Watch video
Rosa Mystica with Ben Carmona
Watch video

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