What A Performance – Strutting The Stage Like A Peacock
Published: 9 July, 2021

– short read –

Tuesday this week was my first live recital of 2021. After, I got to thinking what it was I had really missed these past 12 months. There is the buzz, the excitement, and the applause which are gratifying and reassuring, but it is more than that. The live recital is an occasion to measure a personal journey of musical exploration, and how much further it has come. I admit this may be wishful thinking. It may have not developed in the slightest. It may even have gone backwards. But the key is that each performance is an attempt at creating a musical adventure and stretching the boundary, with most of the work prepared beforehand, in private, or in rehearsal. The performance then gives it a voice.

Performing is more than strutting the stage like a peacock showing off splendid plumage. Nor can it be the opposite, too inward looking – like musical navel-gazing. Strutting is superficial, navel-gazing is tiringly solemn. But performance can be a well-judged mix of both : peacock display in moderation with musical meditation in more generous measures. Add to the mix the inspiration only listeners can provide and the concert becomes a fine multi-layered experience.

That’s what I have missed.

Thank you for reading.


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