Zoomed Guitars Live is back from 19th September
Published: 6 September, 2022

Free to view! Players from around the world introduced by me.

Monday 19th September – Zoomed Guitars Live is back at 6.30pm London time, and every Monday.

Your participation as player brings a lot of joy and satisfaction to the listeners. Thank you.          

Your participation as listener inspires the players to greater heights. Your applause is as loud as in a concert hall (well, almost…). *What’s more it’s free!*     
If you would like to play a solo from the comfort of your home to viewers and listeners around the world this is your chance. You don’t need to be brilliant, just good enough to play through a piece fluently. You will be surprised by how much you will improve and begin to control your nerves week by week. The listeners are all very supportive and enthusiastic, and the other players too. Write to me on Facebook Messenger or by email to

If you don’t play and would like to view and listen you are very welcome. It’s free Write to me on Messenger and I will send you a link.  

For playlists, photos, and previews go the Zoomed Guitars Live page on Facebook here

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