Time For A Guitar Sandwich?
Published: 15 October, 2021

– short read –

Photo selfie: arriving at the Royal College of Music after 19 months’ absence

I have just returned to London. My first outing has been to stroll through some of the London parks and gardens which feature in the heart of the city. It’s what I like about it, lots of little squares and gardens and green spaces, and squirrels. October is a good month. What passes for a summer in England often returns briefly in October, with winter close ahead.

What has this to do with the guitar I hear you ask? Everything, because October is almost equidistant between summer and Christmas, and a good time to learn some music or compose something to spring on my friends and relatives for the end of year festivities. Second stop is next year. It can have various staging posts for achieving musical goals, all very loose and unscripted but it’s good to aim for them.

Summer behind me, Christmas in front, October is a sandwich with guitar practice as a filling – or better still one of those big dripping burgers I can hardly stuff into my mouth. Yes, a mess. Well that’s what guitar practice sometimes feels like too.   

But always, dripping or no dripping, it tastes good. 

Thank you for reading. 


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