The Vivaldi Spring theme is not as hard as it sounds – or is it?
Published: 21 February, 2021

The Vivaldi Spring theme from The Four Seasons which I have just recorded and am posting here on the website is actually not quite as difficult as it sounds. Let’s say you are a guitar player of around grade 5 or 6: you will find the theme is OK. At 00.30″  we get to the cuckoo music which is OK too. That’s 2 – 0! After that the ligados and slurring at 1.08″ are all in first and second position and under the fingers so-to-speak, which makes it 3 – 0.  Now we reach the main challenge – the high arpeggios that sound incredible on the violin, and which for ages I couldn’t work out how to play on the guitar until I thought of the rasgueados at 1.50″. These are tricky if you are not used to them so in the publication I have written out a way of playing them as arpeggios in the style of Vivaldi himself, The rasgueados are there too as alternative bars at the end. The music is now available here in notation and tabs and there is also a free audio file of the whole piece of my playing at

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