Sunday 2nd Oct: about my concert in Purley….
Published: 7 September, 2022

photo: Belgian composer Armand Coeck

– A mix of brand new music and old favourites from Spain and Latin America

– New atmospheric pieces from Belgian Armand Coeck. I think his music deserves to be heard more often.

– I will be playing my own piece Variations which I wrote this year

– I made the original guitar sound track for the TV series Inspector Morse. This is my solo version and tribute to Barry.

– Ending up with Here Comes The Sun and two Andalucian folk tunes
See below the full programme.

More info and booking

De Visée:
Suite in G major-

Prelude 4

Armand Coeck:
La Caravana (2020)
Midnight Dance (2019)

Carlos Bonell:
Variations (2022)



Barrington Pheloung:
Theme from Inspector Morse*

George Harrison
Here Comes The Sun*

2 Spanish folk songs*:
Las Morillas de Jaen
Los Cuatro Muleros
* arranged by Carlos Bonell

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