Six – Bach’s favourite number. Five – Villa-Lobos’ lucky number….Why?
Published: 28 April, 2022

Zoomed Guitars Workshop:
Villa-Lobos: Prelude n1
Bach: prelude from cello suite n1 BWV1007

Bach: 6 cello suites, 6 movements each; 6 solo partitas and sonatas for solo violin; 6 Brandenburg concertos. Is there a secret reason for this?

Bach in a 21st century reconstruction

In the Zoomed Guitars Workshop we will concentrate on the prelude to the 1st cello suite which is the most popular of all his cello pieces, and try to figure out what is it about Bach and the number 6?

We will work through the piece together and explore different fingerings and interpretations. There are still a few spaces left for players. Viewers are welcome.

Villa-Lobos’ lucky number was five…..

5 preludes for guitar, 5 movements in suite Populaire, Bachianas Brasileiras n5
De Mendez (1974)

Caricature of Villa-Lobos by Mário Mendez (1907-1996)

We will look at the fingerings and interpretation of prelude n1, the most well-known of his preludes.

Zoomed Guitars Workshop

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May / 5- 8pm London time

Rep Intermediate

Villa-Lobos: Prelude n1 and Bach: prelude from cello suite n1 BWV1007

Active participants £50 total

6 players maximum


£10 for one weekend workshop

£25 for three workshop

£35 for all four workshops

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