Quiet Streets and Bird Songs Inspired Recording During Lockdown
Published: 23 February, 2021

Early on, sheltering alone in lockdown, with nowhere to go, I noticed how I might take advantage of the quiet streets and do some recording at home.  The only sounds out there were from the swifts and swallows and starlings and wood pigeons whose songs I love.   But apart from them the silence during some days in lockdown was almost eerie, and for recording, a blessing. I decided to try and create studio conditions by taking out most of the soft furnishings like rugs, table cloths, and cushions, so that the sound would bounce off the solid-tiled floor and wooden furniture. It made a huge difference. I took advice on which microphone to use, and experimented  with placement.  For this I could rely on my experience in proper studios – amazing how a few inches can make all the difference.  Finally, there was the lighting. With no spotlights I had to improvise with various lamps combined with daylight for the best look on video. And so I was all set to go as long as I remembered that I was alone and had to take care of everything before even playing a note:  lights, camera, audio, roll, action – play! …take one, take two, take three….  And that was how during 2020 – 21 I recorded the Bach, Vivaldi and other tracks you will find here and on YouTube.

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