Go Away Parrot – You’re In The Way of The Music
Published: 11 June, 2021

How to silence the negative voice inside you while you are playing to your listeners? It undermines your confidence, it squawks at you like a demented parrot. The conflict inside you is between the positive and negative voice. It distracts you from playing the music. But imagine if you the player were merely the conduit for a third force – the music itself. You are part of a triangle : player, listener, the music. The music rises from inside you but is not dependant on how you feel. It has a life and force of its own, with you the vessel that gives it a voice. In effect you are both on the inside and on the outside. You are sharing a common experience with the listener. You are both player and listener. This might be a way of silencing the negative voice.
Make it your aspiration as I do, and you may sometimes succeed in achieving that wonderful feeling of floating above your own playing, close to it and yet at a distance, with the parrot nowhere to be heard!

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