Bach tops the charts on Zoomed Guitars Live. Again.
Published: 17 December, 2021

Image: Bach manuscript of a page from his Christmas Oratorio

For the second year running old JS proves the most popular composer scoring more than 2nd and 3rd places combined. It’s amazing to see him hold off more than 102 other composers. Also amazing are these stats below.

2nd August – 13th December 2021

293 musical items played

103 composers + 15 anonymous ones

35 players

19 sessions

3 hosts: Carlos Bonell,
Debra Adamson-Brattland,
and Vincent Lindsey-Clark

1 Zoom Scoop premiere preview –
Ferdinand Rebay’s Sonata in E no.2
previewed by Luiz Mantovani on 5th December 2021, 80 years after its composition

Zoomed Guitars Live Top Of The Charts Most Frequently Performed:
1. J.S. Bach x 29
2. Villa-Lobos x 15
3. Barrios x 13
4. Torroba x 11
5. Dowland x 10

Most Frequently Played Work:
Frescobaldi: Aria with variations “La Frescobalda”

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