Carlos Bonell : Discographie


"A superb performer"

The Daily Telegraph, UK

"A marvellous player"

The Guardian, UK

"High art…a virtuoso performance. A keen aural imagination, and the technique to reproduce the subtlety of tints and tones he hears, is what makes the playing of Bonell so distinctive."

The Times, London, UK

Carlos Bonell in the world premiere of the musical "First Love and First Blood" at the Bridewell Theatre, London:

"Carlos Bonell's guitar playing is plaintive and atmospheric"

Evening Standard, London, UK

"A player of superb poetic gifts"

New York Times, USA

"A stunning virtuoso"

Toronto Globe and Mail

"Peerless performance…utmost lucidity and gracefulness…magically atmospheric playing."

The West Australian

"An extraordinary, magical artist"

Corriere della Sera, Italy

"Technically perfect, an artist of great elegance and sincere expression who communicates through poetry in sound."

El Norte, Mexico

The Carlos Bonell Ensemble with Elisa "la gambita" in Zeven, Germany:

"A standing ovation for a brilliant performance"

Zevener Zeitung, Germany


"Membersof the audience rose to their feet...this spontaneous show of support was no more than Bonell had truly earned by his endeavours."
November 2009

"An enduring class-act"
July 2006

"Carlos Bonell is one of the great communicators of the guitar world."
August 1999

"A player whose increasingly original approach to both what he plays and how he plays it can only enhance his already considerable appeal."
May 1999

"Carlos Bonell has a huge following in England, and the reception given to his recital was ecstatic. It was a performance of powerful contrasts and glowing colours. Orthodox in the contemporary sense it was not - and how his audience loved it!"
January 1999

"Continuously imaginative, Carlos Bonell makes full use of the expressive palette on whatever style of canvas the music is painted…He eked out each drop of inspiration from his heart. A concert bursting full of ideas."
August 1998

"This live lunchtime concert broadcast by the BBC was packed to the gills. An artist intent on drawing on many colours, Bonell likes to create vibrant pictures in sound."
May 1998