Queen Guitar Rhapsodies

Music by the group Queen with the Lara Symphony Orchestra, Venezuela, conducted by Tarcisio Barreto.

CD issued 2008, Young/Bonell Production

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Sheet music for Queen Guitar Rhapsodies, as well as for Essential Classics for Guitar can be downloaded from MusicRadar

Track listing:

Queen: Barcelona
  You take my breath away
  Play the game
  Lily of the valley (solo guitar)
  Bohemian Rhapsody
  Sail away sweet sister
  Nevermore (solo guitar)
  It’s a hard life
  Who needs you
  Who wants to live forever (solo guitar)
  Good old fashioned lover-boy
  Love of my life (solo guitar)
  Save me
  Teo Torriate
  Dear friends


www.brianmay.com Soapbox, September 2009

“OK ... anyone for an acoustic treat? I have been in communication with Carlos Bonell for some time ... he is a masterful classical-style guitarist ... classical-style, yet modern in the sense that he will approach modern music, and especially Queen music, in his own way, his transcriptions being entirely of his own creation.

Well, he's made a very nice album ... I think you'll find reference to it somewhere on this website ... but sometimes that old thing of actually SEEING someone perform with no added frills is the special ticket. Well, he recently recorded himself playing just in a friend's house in Ireland, and the friend put in on Youtube (with his permission, I hope!) ... and ... well, I think it's well worth 4 minutes of anybody's time. The sound quality is amazing, apart from anything else ... but check out his tone, his phrasing, his lyrical and passionate delivery ... and ... well, to my mind it's a triumph! Then you've probably got to go buy the album!”

Brian May (of Queen)

“ Real quality in an affectionate tribute of instrumental bravura, poetry and nostalgia”

Chitarre, Italy

“ Absolutely exquisite”

Brian May (of Queen)

“…the intricate guitar parts, remain central to the mix and are superbly recorded. In May's much-covered Who wants to live forever?, Bonell performs minus orchestra, again with a degree of conviction few could possibly have anticipated."

Classical Guitar

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