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UCL list of guest artists at end of term concerts

On the last day of term of the UCL guitar classes, you can play in a public concert shared with a special guest artist.

List of distinguished guest artists who have played at the UCL Guitar concerts:
János Agócsi
Giacomo Bigoni and Tiberiu Anton Horvath, violin
Carlos Bonell
Carlos Bonell and Dario Rossetti-Bonell
Jonatan Bougt
Chris Bundhun
Ben Carmona
Roland Chadwick
Amanda Cook
Gerard Cousins
Simon Davies
Simon Davies and Claire Overbury, flute
Tom Ellis and Laura Snowden
Daniele Foti

Duo Entente: João Loureiro and Steve Smith
James Grace
James Grace and Adrian Varela, violin
Ariel Gragnani
Slava Grigoryan
Forbes Henderson
Johan Löfving
Joao Loureiro
Humberto de Lucia
Cassandra Matthews
Stein Medby
Johannes Moller
Joseaugusto Mejía

Tim Phillips & Seonaid Aitken,violin
Gareth Proctor
Dario Rossetti-Bonell
Dario Rossetti-Bonell,Adriano Rossetti-Bonell , saxophone, and Tom Herbert, double bass
Jorgen Skogmo
Morgan Szymanski
Xuefei Yang
Declan Zapala

List updated April 2014.
Records and memories being what they are, an artist may have been omitted from this list. If that is the case, please accept our sincere apologies and email info@carlosbonell.com with details and we will list the artist.

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